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Customizable glance bars help you see the big picture

Get the most comprehensive data,
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Track, monitor and gain valuable insight about your competition to achieve the optimal pricing strategy.

  • Store Sync: Sync your store instantly with seamless integration
  • SpyAgent: Multi-faceted product reporting system
  • Track your competitors' pricing automatically
  • Speed: Scout your competitors' pricing in real-time
SpyAgent feature: showing competitors' pricing strategies

Reprice Your Products
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WisePricer tracks competitor pricing, inventory and trends over time to provide you with the most useful data to compete smart.

  • Automated Alerts: Notifications for out of stock products or repricing opportunities
  • Pricing History: Includes detailed records for both you and your competitors
  • Fluid Interface: Makes the process of repricing effortless
Repricing menu with powerful features

Set prices that enable you to
sell more and win over online customers

Achieve the ideal pricing structure to rise above the competition by reaching your target market and maximizing profits.

  • Automated Repricing: Raise, lower or match your competitors
  • Find the "Sweet Spots": Reprice according to your own metrics to reach the optimized price
  • Next Generation Dynamic Pricing: Reprice based on sales velocity

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