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The MSRP Watchdog for Manufacturers

WiseMapper is an easy-to-use service that lets you, the manufacturer, monitor your products' pricing across thousands of online retailers.


Your products,
Your pricing

Finding your products’ pricing across thousands of retailers is quick, automated and hassle free. Find out who is selling your products and for how much.

Retain your brand identity and pricing

Preserve your brand identity and pricing even if you have thousands of retailers selling your products.

Advanced product tracking technology.

WiseMapper utilizes the same technology that has made WisePricer an industry leader. With daily updated data for thousands of products, we provide you with the most accurate product information possible.

Preserve your brand

The glance view summarizes the status of your products and allows you to take quick actions for individual products.

Preserve your pricing

Our SpyAgent feature provides thorough pricing information for all of your individual products. Contact retailers who are abusing your MAPs with a simple click.

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